Celebrating a Century of Françoise Sullivan

In collaboration with MU MTL, a massive mural honoring legendary Canadian artist Françoise Sullivan's centennial unveils on the Hyatt hotel wall, in Montreal. This mural, blending Sullivan's diverse artistic legacy with Montreal's vibrant urban art scene, furthers our mission of promoting the Canadian culture.

Celebrating a Century of Françoise Sullivan

Art of Canada x MU Mtl

This year marks a significant milestone as Art of Canada supports MU MTL to bring to life a magnificent tribute to the legendary artist, Françoise Sullivan, in the form of a sprawling 21,000 square foot mural. This monumental artwork, located at 1415 St-Hubert St., is not just a tribute to Sullivan, but also a grand gesture of love and admiration from the city that bore and nurtured her creative genius.

Mayor Valérie Plante, along with members of the government, local media and all the partners, were on hand to inaugurate this magnificent work of art, in the presence of artist Madame Sullivan. More than 10 artists contributed their talents to the creation of this mural, perched several metres high for several weeks. We hope this work will bring magic and light to the eyes of passers-by and local residents alike.

Françoise Sullivan, an artist with many facets

Born in 1923 in Montreal, Sullivan is a multi-disciplinary artist renowned for her work in painting, sculpture, dance, choreography, and photography. She was also a co-signatory of Quebec’s pivotal cultural manifesto, Borduas's Refus Global. Over the decades, she has significantly contributed to the city’s cultural landscape, leaving an indelible mark through her diverse range of artistic expressions. Her contribution transcends the conventional boundaries of art, weaving a rich tapestry of creativity that continues to inspire generations.

Françoise Sullivan and Simon Blais (gallery owner).

As Montreal's largest mural to date, this project resonates with the essence of Françoise Sullivan's artistic spirit. It stands as a monumental tribute in the heart of Montreal, mirroring the enduring legacy of an artist whose work has been nothing less than iconic. The mural is a befitting homage on the occasion of Sullivan’s centennial, encapsulating the love and respect the community holds for her.

About MU MTL

MU (Mural Urbain) Montreal, often abbreviated as MU MTL, is a charitable organization with a mission to beautify Montreal by creating murals that are rooted in local communities. It aims to transform Montreal into an open-air museum and educates Montrealers about the significance of art in public spaces by producing community-related murals. Their initiatives are centered around the democratization of art and social development.

Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, General and Artistic Director of MU MTL.

For the past 16 years, MU has created over 200 large-scale, enduring murals across Montreal, and more than 500 murals in schools as part of its educational activities. This reflects its commitment to fostering an appreciation for art within the community and contributing to the city's urban aesthetics. Through these efforts, MU MTL continues to have a profound impact on Montreal's urban landscape and cultural vibrancy.

Supporting MU MTL marks a significant chapter in our endeavor to foster a rich cultural dialogue within the Montreal community.

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